Trust and Quality

What Is Trust and Quality

Trust and Quality Indoor offers you a safe & reliable payment system.

There is integrated payment system with the order tracking system at indoor, ensuring the synchronization between user interactions and customer care team controls for any transactions.

This means you can control every transaction right on your website with a visualized interface. Besides, with an interactive dashboard, users can choose their preferred payment method, monitor their revenue or send a withdrawal request conveniently. Indoor gives you the ability to ensure the safety of each transaction and the benefits of your users.

Let’s look at this example for better understanding the flow:

Buyer orders an indoor Job:

When the buyer successfully places an order, the money is sent through a payment gateway to the indoor account. In time, the order status is changed from Pending to Active. The virtual money is updated to the Seller’s credit account, letting him know that he can start to work on that order. Each transaction will be logged in the system for indoor to manage.

Seller withdraws:

When the Seller account reaches the pre-defined minimum payout, the Seller is able to send a withdrawal request to the admin. The admin reviews the request and decides to send the payment to that Seller manually right away or in a monthly routine. All notification will be shown on the Seller’s dashboard.


When the Seller doesn’t complete an order on time or deliver the work with bad quality, the Buyer can send a dispute request to indoor. In another hand, if the Seller believes he has done a good job but the Buyer doesn’t accept his work, the Seller can also send a dispute request to admin.

Admin will be the one to decide the winner of each case and transfer the money to the winner’s credit account. Since the Seller can only withdraw money for the finished Jobs, you have complete control in any dispute cases. Besides providing a payment system which helps all transactions work smoothly and safely.